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Q: I am a healthy woman of 43 years age and already have a 10 year old son. Is it already too late for me to have another child now?

Featured Answer by: MomPluss Team

Carrying a pregnancy for 9 months and then delivering a baby at the end of it is no small feat. And even though a female body is able to bear children,  this ability varies between individual women and between various ages in the same woman. While today's medical advancements can make pregnancies in older women safer, they cannot eliminate all the associated risks. Please consult personally with a well qualified gynae-obs specialist who will carry out a thorough check to determine the chances of a pregnancy, any potential risks related to one and advise you accordingly. It may also not be too late to objectively review the reasons for your wanting to have another child at this stage and reconsider the same..

Q: How can I find out when I will be ovulating next?

Featured Answer by: MomPluss Team

Ovulation is a natural process and part of the menstrual cycle. It occurs usually 14 days before the start of the menstrual bleeding. Hence for women with a relatively regular menstrual cycle, it is quite easy to calculate the next date of menstruation and work backwards to arrive at the expected ovulation date. Those with non-regular menstrual cycles must however depend on other methods to determine if they are ovulating. These include self-use urine kits which indicate a possible ovulation by detecting the presence of specific hormones or their derivatives.

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