Pre-Pregnancy Counselling: An Absolute Must

These 10 things happen at Pre-Pregnancy Counselling and Check-up

Preconception care is one of the wisest things to do, for a couple, before they fire up the grill for bringing their baby into this world. Preconception care involves pre-pregnancy counselling and check–up, with the goal to find out and address any potential risk to the woman and her child during pregnancy. This also helps in dealing with the health issues both in the man and woman before they expect their baby. You can always start your journey to parenthood from the point of pre-pregnancy counselling. Here is what you expect at the counselling before you start expecting:

You and your doctor will discuss the following things:

Medical history: Share your health condition, small or big health issues with your doctor so that they can be addressed and controlled before you bear your child. You must share your surgical history if any.

Reproductive history: You will be asked for any previous pregnancies, contraception methods, menstrual cycle, STDs and STIs and vaginal infections you had in the past.

Current medication: It is important to inform the doctor about the over the counter medicines you are taking at the moment. In some cases, these OTC medicines are the significant causes of birth defects in children.

Family medical history: Tell the doctor about medical conditions and hereditary ailments that run in your family, particularly about diabetes, hypertension and blood clots.

Weight and body mass index: You will be asked to reach an ideal weight and BMI, in case you are obese or underweight, to avoid any risk or complications during pregnancy.

Diet: Your doctor will ask you about your diet intake just to make sure you are taking a balanced diet and an additional intake of fibre, folic acid, calcium and other nutrients.

Exercise: It is important to share your exercise regime with your doctor in order to make sure you are not overstressing your body. Also, it is recommended to get indulged in the prescribed types of exercises.

Caffeine: Your doctor will recommend you to cut down your caffeine intake to just 300 mg every day. Make sure you keep an eye on your intake of tea, coffee, chocolate and soft drinks.pre-pregnancy counselling, pre-conception, pregnancy

Lifestyle factors: The doctor asks about your lifestyle and your partner’s too, as these habits matter the most when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy. In case you or your partner is indulged in smoking, drinking alcohol and taking recreational drugs, then you need to stop these immediately.

Prenatal vitamins: Your doctor will prescribe you prenatal vitamins, preferably folic acid as this vitamin prevents your baby from having a neural tube defect.

In addition to these, you will be advised to have a range of physical and laboratory examinations just to make you ready to keep you and your baby healthy. Life Unfold advises you to go for genetic counselling as well.

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