Start : 25th March, 2016
End : 27th March, 2016

Every woman is different and so is every pregnancy.

Some women are very conscious about their bodies when they are pregnant and make every possible effort to cover their baby bump. Certain cultural backgrounds may also encourage this behavior and everybody must respect the same. However, there are many who consider being pregnant as the most obvious indication of fertility and ability to procreate. They are comfortable with their visible baby-bumps and even happy to flaunt it.

Whatever be your perspective on your baby bump, we certainly would like to celebrate our every user’s pregnancy. As a part of this celebration we welcome all our registered users to join the Best “bumpie” contest.

Simply login and join the contest by clicking the “join” button below. You will receive a link where, during the validity of the contest, you will be able to upload one picture (max. 2 MB size) of your baby-bump. Our jury of 5 eminent people, chosen from a variety of backgrounds, will select the best 3 pictures from among those uploaded.

If your “bumpie” is among the chosen ones then it will be featured on our platform and you will stand to win 500 MyAayuMins which will be credited into your account. You can use them to purchase any product or service which can be ordered on the MyAayu website or mobile app.

Every participant will receive 150 MyAayuMins within 1 week of the end of the contest as a token of appreciation from MyAayu.


Join By : 27th March, 2016
    Event closed

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