How to Avoid Preterm Delivery?

Pregnancy is the most special and overwhelming feeling a woman can have. To enjoy the entire journey of being pregnant, an expecting woman requires a lot of care, affection and attention. Early in pregnancy, many complications can occur due to the lack of attention and awareness. A pregnant mother should be watchful of every small change happening to her body. Also, she should not hesitate consulting with her doctor and follow the necessary precautions.

Running into labour before the competition of 37 weeks of gestation is one the biggest fears of an expecting mother and her doctor. This fear further haunts the expecting women who fall under the high-risk category. Premature infants are considered to be at a greater risk for cerebral palsy, delays in development, hearing problems, and vision issues. These risks are greater, the earlier a baby is born.

It is well known that conceiving while under age or over a certain age can increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. Older expecting mothers are at a greater risk of delivering premature babies because of the hormonal changes that the body go through as the one ages. Another reason for delivering preterm babies can be working in shift-based jobs that disturbs the whole biological cycle. Maintaining a healthy biological cycle is essential during this period. It is linked to an increased risk of menstrual disruption and subfertility (a form of reduced fertility in a prolonged time).

Health care experts also believe that pregnant women should abstain from drinking alcohol. The consumption of alcohol can prove to be harmful for the fetus as it can obstruct the functioning of baby’s organs. Moreover, an expecting woman’s eating habits affect the development of the child in the womb. Expecting women should maintain a good distance from junk food as this may not have the essential nutrients required during a pregnancy. A mom-to-be needs to be careful of what she consumes and should stick to a healthy diet as recommended by health care experts.

Stress is another devil pregnant women should stay away from. During pregnancy, stress can affect both the expecting mother and her child too. A pregnant woman should avoid any kind of stress, whether physical or mental.

Most of these factors are preventable but sometimes, expecting mothers might not be able to control the situation. In such cases, close consultation with doctor or health care specialists and regular monitoring will be the best options available.

Source : Heath Daily Digest (via Syndication)

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