Emotional stress during pregnancy

“High stress levels can leave lifelong mental scars on unborn”- A study.

The ‘McDonald’s dad driving baby’ was a lighthearted commercial. Father of a toddler orders his stuff from a drive thru location without disturbing his baby’s sleep. While watching this commercial I noticed my eight month pregnant sister weeping. I mean actual tears! I hugged her but seeing her in tears made me anxious.

The next morning I consulted her gynae. She mentioned that expectant moms should avoid emotional TV ads or sappy TV serials as pregnancy has a powerful effect on emotions which can change by the minute.

Who to blame?

Blame hormones. As hormone level rises, neurotransmitters (serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood) from the brain cause mood swings and often stress out the would-be-mothers. They feel fatigued, uncomfortable, depressed. Despite knowing their emotional imbalances, they hardly get any help. It becomes important for the would-be-mothers to know how she feels and can ask for the required help.

Reduce stress

Exercise regularly: Inspite of innumerable health benefits, regular exercise or yoga helps in maintaining mental fitness. It not only relieves stress but also improves mood.

Proper diet: It is important to eat well. A healthy diet is good for your health and the baby’s health too. Diet, enriched with omega-3 essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, enhances the mood. Also, dehydration can affect mood, so keep a check on water intake.

Discuss your stress: No matter what bothers you, talk about it. Whether it is your baby’s health or any personal matter, turn to your partner, or closed ones. Talking and sharing things definitely relieve moms-to-be.

Rest: It is good for your unborn. Talk, chat or even sing to your bump. Instead of thinking irrelevant things, focus on your bump. Listen to your body. If you feel tired, go to bed and try to sleep.

Commuting stress: It has been observed that commuting is a big stress for working pregnant women. Avoid rush hours and try to start and finish your work early than usual.

Go for therapies: Massage therapies are a fantastic way to de-stress. Check with your doctor before using any type of essential oils. Many spas provide pregnancy massage treatment.

Treat yourself: It is a perfect time to treat you with beauty treatments. Meet your friends, go for a movie or go for shopping. Do what makes you happy.

If you still feel stressed, talk to your gynae about it. Enjoy this roller coaster ride by life.

Happy Motherhood!

Source : Life unfold (via Syndication)

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