Conception within 3 Months of Miscarriage

While pregnancy is a beautiful aspect of a woman’s life, not everything goes as planned sometimes. Most of the women who experience a miscarriage become disheartened, and have every reason for it. They start doubting if they will be able to conceive in the future. But, a study increases hopes of the women trying to conceive post a miscarriage. According to the study, women who endeavour to conceive again within three months post an early baby loss may have a successful following pregnancy as compared to those who wait longer to start trying.

The study, highlighted in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, also contradicts the previous beliefs that the couple should wait till three months after a miscarriage to try again. Karen Schliep, a postdoctoral fellow in the NICHD Epidemiology Branch, said, “While we found no physiological reason for delaying attempts at conception following a pregnancy loss, couples may need time to heal emotionally before they try again. For those who are ready, our findings suggest that conventional recommendations for waiting at least three months after a loss may be unwarranted”.

The team of experts studied nearly 1,000 husbands and wives who had experienced a miscarriage. The researchers looked into data on women who had faced one or two previous pregnancy losses. The results showed that out of the 765 couples, who tried to conceive again within three months, 77% eventually gave birth to a live baby as compared to 23% for the 233 couples who waited more to try again. The couples who tried to get pregnant within three months also had a 69% higher chance of getting pregnant as compared to 51% for those who waited longer. This shows that the odds of a successful pregnancy are higher if the couple try to conceive within three months after a miscarriage.

Doctors have also stated that the couples should take their time to heal emotionally. When they are ready, they should try again within three months. According to Dr. David Matthews, “I’m okay with them trying right away, as soon as they feel like they’re ready. There’s been some smaller studies that have suggested that women that get pregnant before six months actually had a higher percentage of successful pregnancies compared to those that waited more than six months”.

While the period after a miscarriage is extremely hard, the couple should act as support pillars for each other and should not give on the idea of becoming parents again. Also, a miscarriage is not in any way a guarantee that a woman cannot give birth.

Source : Health Daily Digest (via syndication)

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