For those suffering from acute morning sickness, acupuncture can be a possible source of relief, if chosen after proper understanding.
To ensure that financial stress is not added to a pregnancy, couples are advised to carefully choose an appropriate maternity cover.
It is important to meet the additional demand for iron in women during pregnancy, failing which there is a risk of developing anemia.
Stress during pregnancy is normal and can be relieved in most cases through awareness and some simple means.
Even though a second pregnancy should be easier, knowing and being prepared for the differences, is an advantage for every woman.
11th July, 2016
Nausea is one if the most ubiquitous aspects of a pregnancy and a few simple measures can enable pregnant women to keep it manageable.
Women must ensure sufficient folic acid in their diet before conception and during pregnancy and use supplements to be on the safe side.
Research has shown that inclusion of soya protein in the diet can help reduce the instances of gestational diabetes in women.
Breastfeeding is not only important for the newborn but also benefits the mother in many ways and helps bond the baby to her.
Though rare, an ectopic pregnancy is no reason for a woman to despair because with time she can still heal and enjoy a normal pregnancy.

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