A pre-pregnancy counselling cum check-up is always a worthwhile and important activity if one is planning a pregnancy.
22nd April, 2018
Th process of conception is probably one of the most misunderstood, enabling a large number of unsubstantiated myths to flourish.
20th September, 2016
Bringing up a child is not the responsibility of the mother alone and there are numerous ways in which new fathers can contribute to it.
Even after an energy sapping labour and delivery, a new mother may have to deal with multiple issues during initial postpartum period.
20th September, 2016
A pregnancy comes with its own set of good and bad effects and feeling tired could be your best excuse to get some needed rest.
For some women pregnancy may be accompanied by hair loss which can be countered by simple hair preserving measures.
3rd September, 2016
Subject to airline policy, flying, as a part of leisure travel, is generally safe for women with a healthy pregnancy.
Pregnancy can affect adversely, among others, the expectant mother's teeth and good dental care is necessary to avoid permanent damage.
Pregnant women who are diabetic need to make extra efforts to keep their sugar levels under control and minimize any risk to the baby.
Protecting oneself and the baby from various kinds of seasonal infections should be the top priority for all pregnant women.

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