10 Simple Steps for Healthy, Baby Making Sperms

It is tough to prove the statistics wrong, especially when the numbers come from the National Center for Biotechnology Information or NCBI, as we all know it. According to a recent research study published, about 46% Indians, falling between the age group 31 to 40, are in need of -moderate to high level of medical interventions, to have babies as either one or both the partners have infertility issue. For Indian women, Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder is the main reason causing infertility, while, it is the poor sperm count that tops the list among the Indian men. For about 30% of the infertility cases, the cause is attributed to the issues in the males.

Male infertility happens only in case of continuous abnormal semen examination. The causative factors for this abnormality are many and include hormonal disorders, childhood infections, physical abnormalities and genetic factors. Smoking, drinking alcohol, stress and lifestyle disorders have greatly added to the infertility woes.

To save men from all the infertility afflictions they face, we bring the 10 best ways (as suggested by fertility experts) to have healthy, baby making sperms for the men out there.

  1. Keep your food habits under control: When a man does not take a balanced diet, the body fails to recognize it and compensates the need of the nutrients by using the stored nutrients for processing the bodily functions. So the body may take away those nutrients that are required for making healthy sperms. Therefore, it is advised for the men to take in-season produce, organic food, whole foods having low glycemic index values. Also, it is advised to cut down on excessive salt and sugar.
  2. Maintain a healthy body weight: A significant increase and decrease in the body mass index is scientifically linked with the lowering of the sperm count. So before you eat incautiously, read point number 1.
  3. Watch your butts: Extensive scientific research has proved that cigarette smoking is not only injurious to your health, but your sperms’ health too. So guys, if you want to give your swimmers a swift boost, stop smoking right now. Studies suggest that sperms get damaged by smoking and those women are more likely to encounter miscarriages who have partners indulged in recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and other amphetamines.
  4. Think before drinking: Don’t stop your alcohol at all, but limit your beverages if you seriously want to become a dad. Studies have proved that alcohol is directly linked to low sperm counts and sperm abnormalities. Also, have you ever thought that your ‘otherwise awesome’ performance drops while on the bed when you are high? No? Think again. Cut down on your caffeine intake too.
  5. Shut your eyes: Sleep is one of those wonder remedies that can help you get relieved from obesity to depression to infertility. Men with lack of sleep and sleep disturbances encounter low sperm count, small testicular size, low testosterone levels and lower sperm motility. So fellas, plan you sleep well.
  6. Wear boxers: Wear boxers, guys! And save the front and back of your reproductive organs from radiations, injuries and other accidents. Well fitted briefs can protect sperm quantity, quality, speed and movement.
  7. Have folic acid: Men having lower levels of folate in their diet have higher levels of chromosomal aberrations in their sperms. This is one of the leading causes of the first trimester miscarriages in their partners. Therefore, men must have folic acid in their diet. Men are advised to eat green leafy vegetables, beans, citrus fruits, whole grains, breads and cereals as these have high folate content.
  8. Check stress level: Stress increases the sperm abnormalities and also reduces its concentration. So go out, reduce your stress, hang out with your guy friends and relax yourself before you start your process of becoming a dad.
  9. Keep your cool: Sperm production takes place at a certain temperature which is a few degrees below our body temperature. So a man should limit the time he spends in steam rooms, sauna baths and hot spas. Keeping the laptop on the lap is a big no-no since the heat waves from the laptop cause genital warming which is again not healthy for the testicles and the sperms. Guys, after all there is a reason why the male’s testicles hang outside his body.
  10. Stop testosterone abuse: Stop taking testosterone artificially, illegally as a performance enhancing drug. Testosterone abuse shuts down the natural production of this hormone and this eventually shuts down the sperm production. Do you know that studies have actually proved testosterone as one of the male contraceptives? Think again.

So, the lifestyle choices you make have a big impact on your sperm health. Start making the best choices if you want your swimmers healthy and happy.

Source: Life Unfold (via syndication)

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